What is VidUP?
A "patent pending" mobile app technology company, allowing user's to upload videos directly to their assigned VidUP code.

What is an "embed code"?
Similar to a YouTube video code, we assign a unique code, which users embed into multiple places such as,  blogs, websites,landing pages,  directories and more. You only have to embed this code one time. (Please seek assiatance, if you don't understand what this means).   

Why do I need an embed code?
Your embed code is the only way for your video to be displayed on webpages.

I can't log into my account?
First, you have to confirm your email? Did you? Second maybe you forgot your username? It would be the email address you used when you signed up.

Secondly you can request a new password, use the forgot password link and a temporary password will be sent to you.

My video is not showing on my website after I've uploaded it?
You can press refresh  5-6 times and it should appear. Websites store cache and until your refresh that, the previous will show. You can also clear your browser history manually.

My mobile app is not auto-updating?
Please make sure you have turned on the auto-updating feature on your mobile device, to stay current with each update.

How will I know when the time limit is getting close the end of the recording?
Our clock counts down from .29. If you are having someone hold the camera to film you, just have them hold up 5 fingers on the other hand and visually count down.

What if I change my phone from Droid to iPhone or vice versa?
You will need to register again online and swap out the code in your website.  We have two different video sizes for specific mobile devices.

Can I upload multiple videos at one time?
No, our goal is to offer "fresh unique content". You can only upload one video at a time. (One video will be showing on your website)

Is there a place to save each video?
Yes, videos are automatically saved to your phone.

How many "VidClip" videos will show on my website?
One, each time you upload a video it erases the previous video featured on your website.

Does the camera have a light in video mode?
Yes, most smart phones offer On/Off functionality to use as needed.

Can I change my user information?
Yes, on your VidUP dashboard, you can change all of your user information. 

Why does the free version only go up to .29 seconds?
We created vidup so that the message was clear, short and direct we felt .29 was perfect!

Can I pause the video?
No, you will not be able to pause your recording. Once you start, it's go time!

We own a directory and want to make this "platform available".. is VidUP free?
No, we license this technology to owners of directories, portals, and other online marketplaces email info@vidup.com to discuss licensing opportunities

Is VidUP free for users who own webpages or other single "non platform" sites?
Yes, if you own a single website or several but are not an online directory, platform, or portal it is free.

Can I share these videos on Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn?
Yes, you can upload the VidClip and share!

Can I cancel my account?
Yes, please visit the VidUP dashboard; click the "Cancel Account" button (note you will lose all account information and your account will be deleted).

Can I embed the VidClip code into more than one website?
Yes, we want to help you broadcast your business. Blogs, PPC campaigns, directories and other sites.

I don't have a Webmaster, how do I get the code into my website?
We are working on a team for our bizzCode division, until then, we suggest finding a local website professional through local resources.

My video isn't uploading?
Please check your network and signal first (Wi-Fi connected or not and number of "bars". If the problem doesn't improve, please email help@vidup.com (someone will return your email within 48 hours)include: username and detailed information.

My video isn't playing?
Email: help@vidup.co
Include: Username & website address.
(Someone will return your email within 48 hours).